Wednesday, December 9, 2015


When making a new vestment set for this past Pentecost, we were asked to embroider a dove.   Here again, we went around and looked for inspiration at samples from the past.  Who could forget Bernini's Window at Saint Peter's Basilica in the Vatican, above?

We also thought to be adventurous, and try out an idea.  How about making it as though it was issuing forth - flying out of the dalmatic's chest as The Word of The Gospel pours out during the readings of the Mass by the deaconal minister?

So we gave it a go.  It is called stump-work embroidery - and it refers to the stuffed, three-dimensional pieces of needlework which only a handful of artists and artisans still produce today.

The most famous piece, perhaps, still being the Lord Chancellor's Purse used for the State Opening Of Parliament in the United Kingdom.

So that is how our Dove got its wings.  May the Holy Spirit pour forth through it, and fill with blessings those who hear the Gospels.

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