Friday, September 23, 2016

Sarum Blue Vestments Inspired by The Stained-Glass Windows behind the Altar

We've just finished and delivered this Chasuble, Maniple and Stoles in Sarum Blue in readiness  for Advent at the Chapel of Saint Andrew.

As with all projects, it began with a sketch after discussing fabrics and trims in the range of colours appropriate for the season.  The measurements we already had from a previous project:

One must only look at the beautiful stained glass windows, where the vestments will be worn, to realize that it is a perfect choice for its setting.  To harmonize with the velvet altar frontal that the church already owned, a matching blue hanging has been projected:

Also, keeping in mind the other traditional colour of the season, as well as the pre-existing altar hangings,  the lati-clavi running up and down the front and back of the chasuble are in imperial-purple velvet.  To frame these velvet orphreys, we've used an antique-gold galloon.

Beneath the chasuble you can see the Priestly Stole and Maniple, which have the further addition of a lush gold fringe.

To match, a Deaconal Stole was also made:

This stole has our now signature angled shape with appliqued roundels through which slides a cord with tassel that keeps the front and back together.  The cord easily slides to accommodate the deacon's needs.

These vestments were made thanks to the generous donation of a parishioner and close collaboration between Father Charles, and us, here at Klave Centesca!  May they serve the altar of God and the community ministered there for many years!

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