Friday, January 29, 2016

THE STAND OF THE THREE MARYS for the Daughters of The King

Tradition has it that three women named Mary were present at The Crucifixion of Christ besides his own Holy Mother, of the same name.  If Jesus' mother was there - immaculate, full of grace and blessed as she was - the other three were present to sustain the cross that has come to represent our faith and miracle that would take place on the Sunday after.

For this reason, the Three Marys are represented in this stand - as you may notice, each of the three angles represents a stylized letter M.

The color blue of the velvet, made to match the pole and banner itself, is also a Marian reference.

The banner, made for The Order of The Daughters of the King's Fort Lauderdale Chapter residing in Saint Mark's Episcopal Church, picks up on these themes.  The roses in the background are a prime example.

In the centre, the cross of the order proclaims in Latin:  "Magnanimiter Crucem Sustine" which is the motto used by the women of this lay sisterhood dedicated to prayer.  They, like the Three Marys, sustain Christ's cross wholeheartedly, through prayer and action - and May God bless them for it.

The American Order includes members of  the Episcopal, Roman Catholic, Anglican and Lutheran communions. It was founded in 1885 in New York City.

We, at Klave Centesca, have designed and handcrafted these devices so they may carry forth their ministry and proclaim their faith.  It will be dedicated this Sunday in a special ceremony.

For more information, you may accede to their official webpage @
You may also always write us through if you'd like something similar made for your chapel, church, cathedral or order.

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